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May 3, 2011

upFront.eZine reviews T-Splines 3 for Rhino.

There is a lot of interest in the merging of NURBS (used more by CAD software) and sub-division surfaces (used more by animation software). I interviewed IntegrityWare some weeks ago; Autodesk added sub-d surfaces to AutoCAD; and Pro/E is coming out with a Creo'ized version -- among others. Bringing sub-d surfaces to CAD makes for more flexible modeling.

T-Splines, however, is unique, as ceo Matt Sederberg told me last week, in its approach to sub-d modeling in that it has the ability to handle T-shaped intersections between faces (patented) with curvature continuity. In addition, T-Splines has the advantage of starting with curves (others tend to start from primitives, like boxes), and can match to an exact curve or surface or mesh -- hence the name, T and Splines.

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