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Roboto 1.0: Fernando Montalvo, Córdoba, Argentina

Prize: V-Ray for Rhino, SpacePilot Pro Mouse, 3D print of model courtesy 3D Systems, T-Splines T-Shirt.

Fernando Montalvo - Roboto 1.0 ::  Fernando Montalvo - Roboto 1.0 ::  Fernando Montalvo - Roboto 1.0 ::  Fernando Montalvo - Roboto 1.0 ::

Designer quote:

Rhino was always a great program to make fabulous 3d models but with T-Splines I could push a lot further my modeling skills.

In this particular case I began making some rough sketches, I scanned them and imported to Rhino as a base bitmap. Then with t-splines primitives and a few touches of push and pull on surface I accommodate the form to my sketch trying to accomplish the basic form of the model. After that, I converted the T-Splines surfaces to Rhino Nurbs surfaces to pull out some more detail forms and give the model a more non-organic look. For me the great thing about T-Splines and the ability to model in an organic way is that now I can explore some other areas of modeling such as GI concept art, character modeling, and so on. So now, with a powerful single tool and a great plug-in such as T-Splines i can grow further as a designer. THANKS!!!

Judges quote:

A very nice and good looking design. The model is really detailed and very clean. Very good use of T-Splines in conjunction with Rhino commands.

The renders just look awesome. Very good use of lightning, materials and textures in a neutral scene. The model is shown in detail, but with an artistic touch.


Prizes donated by:

3D Connexion


Chaos Group


Z Corp