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Blackberry Peer: Felix Lorsignol, Montreal, Canada

Prize: SolidWorks Standard, tsElements for SolidWorks, 3D print of model courtesy 3D Systems, T-Splines T-Shirt.

Designer quote:

The design of the BlackBerry Peer is the outcome of an extensive research project done with Research in Motion out of Ottawa and Waterloo. The most important aspects were interaction design and technical considerations. By the time we got to the final design phase, we were on a rather tight schedule and needed to get a model with a high quality and smooth surface in a short time.

I have experience in Rhino and SolidWorks, but T-Splines was able to give me exactly the surface that I needed in a very very short time. Had I worked exclusively in Rhino/SW, I would not have been able to complete the model so close to the original design intent, yet in T-Splines, I had a near perfect surface in almost no time, without having to go through the time-consuming routine of profiling, sweeping, trimming and blending that is common in surface modelling workflows.

As soon as I had a workable surface, I moved to Rhino to add details, and then to SolidWorks to draft internal features for the plastic parts. I was really happy with the smooth workflow of moving between these 3 fantastic pieces of software!

Judges quote:

Nicely detailed and interesting concept. Showed both inside and out – a great deal of effort was put into this model and the presentation.

Nice shape, and looks good. I like the variety of images and contexts in which it is shown, along with the internal details.


Prizes donated by:

3D Connexion


Chaos Group


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