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3rd place

Designer: Mahsa Adib

Judges quote:

"A very interesting use of T-Splines on a very interesting project. Excellent use of rendering in the supporting material. TS used as a design tool. Good control of the forms overcomes a certain dependence on the TS 'look'."

Wellness center

I was working on a “different look at Structure in Architecture” in spring-2010 studio project at Columbia University. It was an experimental studio to explore if structure can be created to mold the volume and space rather than its mere load bearing obligation. I started off with Rhino to face this challenge. There were 2 issues in using Rhino:

  • The models were rigid. I was not able to modify the model as soon as it had been created. It was time consuming to start all over again to enhance the original idea.
  • The other limitation was to create a complex model as a single and fluid surface. Rhino forced me to break it into many individuals piece.

So I started off modeling back and forth between Rhino and Tspline. It helped me to benefit from preciseness of rhino, at the same time Tspline’s power in creating organic and complex shapes.

Mahsa Adib

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