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Download the release candidate of T-Splines 3 for Rhino.

Anyone can download the release candidate and use it for 25-saves. You do not need a full license of T-Splines v2 installed to use the T-Splines 3 release candidate.

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T-Splines quotes

"Our styling team wanted a design to be more organic and less mechanical. After an engineer spent four weeks struggling on the model using other software, I was able to get an acceptable model in T-Splines in a couple of days. Then, I was able to iterate on the model in realtime with the designer looking over my shoulder, telling me 'a little softer here, a little more taper there.'"
Matthew Gueller
Senior Surface Designer
Fortune 500 company

"With T-Splines I'm completing models in a single morning that used to take me days, which has helped my revenues increase by 75% this year."
Kyle Houchens, The Outside Digital Art & Design

"T-Splines modeling capabilities allow us to greatly accelerate our design process and model complex organic shapes that are impossible to achieve in our existing CAD applications."
David Quinn, President, Millenium Mold Design, Inc.

“T-Splines has allowed me to create and design my musical instruments much easier and faster. I can now create several variations on my design in an hour. This same process used to take days before I started using T-Splines.”
Jason Burns, President, King Doublebass