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Since its release in late 2007, T-Splines technology has proven itself again and again in solving challenging design problems across a wide range of industries. Customers include world renowned firms such as Zaha Hadid Architects, HOK Architecture, Dell Computer, Mattel, Bose, BMW, Burton Snowboards, Bulgari and many more.

"T-Splines modeling capabilities allow us to greatly accelerate our design process and model complex organic shapes that are impossible to achieve in our existing CAD applications.”
- David Quinn, President, Millennium Mold Design, Inc.

Key benefits

Easily create and modify freeform and organic designs

  • Model shapes of any complexity as a single smooth, fluid water-tight surface.
  • Work with polygonal modeling, box modeling and direct surface editing and definition tools interchangeably.
  • Complete design freedom to create shapes meeting aesthetic and manufacturing requirements.
  • Create more design variations in less time.
  • Create non-rectangular surfaces and break free from the limitations of traditional NURBS surface modeling

Add control only where you need it

  • A patented surface modeling technology allows designers for the first time to add local detail and control only where needed in a single surface.
  • T-Splines surfaces typically have 50-70% less control points than the equivalent NURBS surface, allowing for faster and more controlled direct editing and shape optimization.

Create production quality manufacturable surfaces

  • T-Splines surfaces are watertight and very easy to smooth, making them ideal for analysis and manufacturing.
  • Model a complete shape as a single fluid and continuous surface, eliminating the need to match continuity across patch boundaries.

Fully compatible with your design workflows and industry standards.

  • 100% NURBS compatible to create gap-free continuous manufacturable surface models
  • Easy integration into existing design processes and workflows, with seamless transfer of designs to engineering and manufacturing.
  • Far more efficient conversion of designs to NURBS than from sub-division or polygonal modelers, resulting on average in 60-70% less NURBS patches for the same surface.
  • T-Splines bridges gaps between popular polygonal modeling capabilities and traditional NURBS modeling.

Breakthrough patented technology

  • The first true alternative to NURBs based modeling, invented by computer graphics industry pioneers.
  • A new generation of 3D surface modeling capabilities allow you to break free from long standing limitations of NURBS such as:
    • Rectangular surface patches, forcing users to break models into many individual patches.
    • Uniform grid of UV curves, forcing a uniform level of detail across the entire surface patch.
    • Characteristic and unavoidable small gaps between patches in trimmed NURBS surfaces, forcing time consuming and expensive surface repair in transitioning designs to analysis and manufacturing.
  • Revolutionary and Evolutionary - A revolution in design capabilities, yet fully compatible with industry standard modeling formats.

High value to the customer at affordable prices

  • Includes capabilities typically found in tools 10 times as expensive.
  • Embedded translation tools for push-button translation between polygonal models, T-Splines surfaces and NURBS surfaces.