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T-Splines v3 beta for Rhino released Print E-mail

T-Splines for Rhino helps you quickly create and edit organic models, ideal for anyone designing products that interface with humans, like consumer products, jewelry, toys, or organic architecture.

If you have a paid license for T-Splines v2 for Rhino, try the beta today.

Some highlights of v3 include

  • Pipe, a powerful, easy-to-use command that creates a T-spline out of a network of intersecting curves. Enabled with Rhino history!
  • Selection sets for T-splines points, edges, faces, objects, and Rhino objects to more easily keep track of selections.
  • “Poor man’s reverse engineering” commands that will suck the control points of a T-spline primitive to a polysurface or mesh.
  • Primitives (tsBox, tsPlane, tsCone, tsTorus, tsSphere, tsCylinder) can now be created anywhere in the scene.
  • Symmetry has been completely rewritten, and symmetric objects can now be oriented to any cPlane, anywhere in the scene. Symmetry can be discovered on existing objects, and turned off on part of a model while the rest of the model continues to be symmetric.
  • Match has been completely rewritten to to better match T-Spline surfaces to NURBS surfaces or curves with curvature continuity.
  • Subdivision surface to NURBS conversion has been optimized. Some triangles are permitted in the model. This is a push-button conversion, though options are also available to repair the mesh and optimize the NURBS patch layout.
  • tsShiny is a new display mode that highlights the beautiful contours of your T-spline model.
  • UV support.
  • Improved speed and greater capacity to handle larger models.
  • 64-bit Rhino v5 support.