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Provo, UT – January 24, 2011

T-Splines, Inc., creators of precise and flexible 3D surface modeling tools with full industry standard compatibility, today announced the introduction of tsElements for SolidWorks, the first fully integrated application to bring T-Splines’ groundbreaking organic modeling capabilities to the SolidWorks user community.

Thousands of customers across a broad range of industries, from jewelry design, to marine design, to architectural design and consumer products, are leveraging T-Splines in their design workflow to iterate faster on concepts, be more responsive to client requirements, and build gap-free manufacturable prototypes without having to make styling or aesthetic compromises. With the introduction of tsElements, some capabilities of T-Splines are now available for the first time within SolidWorks.

Key Features of tsElements for SolidWorks include

  • Import .obj models: tsElements for SolidWorks is the only way to import .obj models from 3dsMax, modo, Maya, ZBrush, or T-Splines for Rhino as editable, watertight solid or surface bodies.
  • “Push/pull” modifications: Push and pull on faces, edges, and control points to tweak the model inside SolidWorks.
  • Push-button conversion: Your imported model is automatically converted to a NURBS surface or solid. The T-Splines technology that is at the core of tsElements ensures 100% compatibility to NURBS.
  • Feature tree integration: The rest of the feature tree will see the shape as a standard surface or solid and update when modifications are made, so you can harnesses the power of SolidWorks to add exact details to your model.

“We are looking forward to introducing T-Splines to the broader SolidWorks community” says Matt Sederberg, CEO of T-Splines. “tsElements for SolidWorks is available as a fully integrated add on application to SolidWorks, and is the first version of what we see as many innovative new surface modeling applications for this market.”

Please stop by the T-Splines booth ( # 643 )at the SolidWorks World Conference and take advantage of our special show product promotions. Or visit www.tsplines.com to learn more.

About T-Splines, Inc.

T-Splines, Inc. , founded in 2004 and based in Provo, Utah, develops and markets software applications, end-user plug-ins and software development libraries for organic design based on its patented T-Splines surface and shape modeling technology. Designers and creative professionals across a broad set of industries including consumer products, architecture, jewelry, and marine are leveraging T-Splines’ innovative surfacing technology to be more competitive, bring designs to market faster and develop aesthetic and manufacturable shapes.