Rhino Plugin

T-Splines alternate license generator

T-Splines licenses are activated automatically via the Internet. In the event that your computer does not have Internet access, or if you are unable to activate the license due to a firewall or other issues, you can use this form to generate a preactivated, alternate license.

Your license key is the 16-digit + 3-letter code you received from T-Splines, Inc. or a reseller. Your HostID is the 12-digit MAC address of your computer. You can obtain your HostID by opening Rhino, running the tsActivateLicense command, and clicking on the "Help Me" button.

Once your license is generated below, start your copy of Rhino, run the tsActivateLicense command, click the "Help Me" button, and paste the license into the text area.

License Key:

Here is what an example license looks like (the entire next paragraph):

LICENSE tslicd tsrhinoplugin 1.0 19-jan-2008 uncounted
hostid=002a8b60772a sig="60P0453D6UABLKJHDSFKJHYA8CYXASDFASYR2

Feel free to phone us at 801.841.1234 or 1.877.801.8411 if you have any questions.