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Using T-Splines as the basis for organic, free-form product designs

Welcome to T-Splines! Sign up today for our free webinar on Oct 7 to learn how designers across a wide range of industries are benefiting from T-Splines.

Sports car modeled in T-Splines for Rhino

Already using Rhino?

The T-Splines for Rhino plugin provides a fully integrated set of advanced box modeling and surface modeling features to Rhino. Create uncompromising aesthetic and manufacturable designs in less time.

Working with SolidWorks, Pro/Engineer or other CAD systems?

The combination of Rhino and T-Splines creates an industrial design solution to complement your CAD application, more powerful and 5-6 times less expensive than other surface modeling packages. T-Splines allows you to easily create free-form models, even with branches or complex intersections, as a single smooth surface. Exporting watertight T-spline models to any CAD system that reads in .3dm files is a push-button operation.

As a person with 25 years of 'pushing curves and NURBS,' I am truly impressed, as well as technically awed, by your T-Spline tools.
- Dan Falvey, Tools4Design

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Webinar title: Engineering with style: Using T-Splines as the basis of organic, free-form product designs
Date: Wednesday, October 7, 2009
Time: 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM EDT

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At this session, you will learn how to:

  • Easily create smooth, complex T-spline surfaces that would be difficult to make in other solid or surface modelers
  • Export T-spline surfaces to any solid modeling package that reads .3dm files. This is a push-button solution; we will demonstrate it with SolidWorks.
  • Add final details, integrate with solid geometry, and perform analysis on the model
Wheel in T-Splines for Rhino Wheel with detail added in SolidWorks Analysis performed on wheel
Create design in T-Splines Add mechanical details in solid modeler Perform analysis

T-Splines gallery

T-Splines gallery

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