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extruding form from lines

A support and feedback forum for Autodesk T-Splines Plug-in for Rhino users.

extruding form from lines

Postby shellsj » Tue Apr 20, 2010 7:07 pm

Hi there

I am trying to make a puff heart, using this tutorial
http://www.rhino3dhelp.com/wp-content/u ... esring.pdf

I am wanting to pierce through the heart when I have the form just right and give smoothness to the edges
I'm having real trouble getting the initial puff heart coming to life
I am using the help menu ( pasted below), to get a nice smooth tspline surface - but cant get the command tsFromLines to work I get "Error computing the fit T-Spline" response

I just know there is an easy way to solve this..........
Any help very much appreciated

tsExtrudeLines Previous Top Next

tsExtrudeLines is used to extrude a 2D control polygon into a 3D control polygon. The 3D control polygon can be used to create a T-spline surface using tsFromLines.

Above: 2D control polygon (left), 3D control polygon (center) and the T-Spline surface (right).
tsplines forum heart.3dm
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Re: extruding form from lines

Postby Hamishk » Wed Apr 21, 2010 12:21 pm

Worked with Shelley and after some time with the manual and fiddling with the shape got tsFromLines to work.

Some working from the manual from section "Creating the Control Polygon" p 29 of 2.2 manual

There appears to be a bit of a difference in the process noted in the manual and the process noted in the tutorial at http://www.rhino3dhelp.com/wp-content/u ... esring.pdf

====== snip from above tutorial ========
Transform to T-Splines Surface
Before generating the T-Splines surface, we need to be sure that we only have the lines we need; for this, I usually use: first, ungroup all, then split selected curves against each other (tsSplitCurves), select duplicate curves (SelDup) and Delete them.
===== end snip from above tutorial =======

In the manual, on p33 it mentions using the tsSplitCurves command. But does not mention selecting duplicate curves and deleting them.

Any particular reason between the difference in methodology between the manual and the tutorial?

The bit of the manual that would have helped us with a bit more detail / diagram attached would have been the section on Mark T-points on p35: Once we changed two Red points to T points life was much easier. But we were a little blind to that section as it was such a small section I guess I overlooked it longer than I should have.

The movie about the priority option on p34 helped as well. Can be seen at media.tsplines.com/priority.mov

Along with having some more lines / segments to create 4 sided faces on the original control polygon, those were the areas we found most information while going through this learning cure. I'm sure an English teacher somewhere is having their stomach turn at this last paragraph.

Hamish K
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