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T-Splines, Inc. Names McNeel, Jensen, Hochmuth to Board of Directors

December 11, 2006

OREM, UTAH — T-Splines, Inc., a leading provider of advanced 3d modeling software in styling, industrial design, CAD, CAE and entertainment, announced today the appointment of three new members to its board of directors.

Robert McNeel, Dr. Thomas Jensen, and Dr. Carsten Hochmuth will join co-founders Matt Sederberg and Dr. Thomas Sederberg on the board of directors, effective immediately. Each brings a wealth of industry experience and success to their new positions.

Bob McNeel is the founder and president of Robert McNeel & Associates (McNeel), a company dedicated to the productivity needs of technical and design professionals. Founded in 1980 and based in Seattle, McNeel currently employs seventy-five people and supports more than 150,000 customers around the world. McNeel's furnishes engineers, architects, and designers in business, mgovernment, and education with productive tools shaped from emerging technologies. McNeel's products include Rhinoceros , NURBS modeling for Windows; Flamingo , raytracing and radiosity rendering for Rhino, Penguin , sketch and cartoon rendering for Rhino, Bongo , animation for Rhino, and AccuRender , raytracing and radiosity rendering and animation for AutoCAD.

Thomas Jensen has served as a senior R&D executive for Parametric Technology Corporation (PTC), think3 Inc., and Torrent Systems. His Ph.D. in mathematics from the University of Utah was granted for work on the problem of constructing complex, smooth surfaces. He was a founding designer of CDRS, a software design system that pioneered the use of mathematical shape design by artists in automotive design studios. He is also a successful business manager and led the Evans & Sutherland Design Software Business Unit to profitability and a successful merger with PTC.

Carsten Hochmuth has more than fifteen years of experience in product design and development, working with clients across all major discrete manufacturing industries. He has over ten years of experience in product management, marketing and business development at both software and hardware firms. In his most recent position at PTC, he was the director of the software and technology partner programs. In that role, he had responsibility for technology licensing, partner development, and building a successful marketing and awareness program for over 150 partner companies. He holds a doctorate in mechanical engineering from MIT and has consulted with many leading software and hardware companies.

These appointments come at a time of rapid expansion for the company. The T-Splines Rhino Plugin Beta is now publicly available. T-Tools, a set of software development libraries packaged for use in other applications, are available for license as well. These products join the T-Splines Maya Plugin as part of the growing suite of T-Spline products.

"T-Splines, unlike Sub-D, solves the problem of providing organic modeling tools with the detail and accuracy of NURBS," stated McNeel, "T-Splines is perfect for the Rhino organic modeler because it is well integrated into the Rhino interface and data model."

"Bob McNeel, Thomas Jensen, and Carsten Hochmuth have all been very successful in developing and marketing 3D modeling software," said T-Splines CEO Matt Sederberg. "Their technical knowledge, market insights, and varied experience will be an invaluable contribution to our company as we pursue our aggressive growth plans."

About T-Splines

T-Splines, Inc. is a 3D modeling software firm located in a valley of the Rocky Mountains in Orem, Utah, USA. The company was founded in 2004 and boasts a staff of 3d modeling software experts dedicated to establishing T-Splines as the new industry standard in CAD design and high-end animation modeling.

T-Splines' patent-pending technology opens up new frontiers of modeling possibilities, allowing artists and designers to add detail and merge models in ways that were previously impossible. Since T-Splines is fully compatible with existing modeling technologies, it is poised to integrate easily with any production pipeline.


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