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T-Splines at ICSID/ISDA Connecting '07 industrial design conference

T-Splines, Inc., creators of precise and flexible 3D surface modeling tools with full industry standard compatibility, announced today their participation at the ICSID/ISDA Connecting '07 industrial design conference, October 17–20, 2007 in San Francisco, California.

T-Splines will occupy Booth #206 in the Fairmont Hotel with Robert McNeel & Associates (creators of the Rhinoceros 3D NURBS modeling software) and ASGVIS (distributors of the vRay renderer), and will provide product demos and other information on T-Splines uses in industrial design.

About T-Splines

T-Splines, Inc. develops precise and flexible 3D surface modeling software with full industry standard compatibility for industrial designers and CAD professionals. Founded in 2004 and based in Provo, Utah, the company develops and markets end-user plugins and software development libraries based on its next-generation, NURBS-compatible technology.

  • Location: Fairmont Hotel, San Francisco
  • Booth #206: October 17–20, 2007

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