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Pick of the week

"T-Splines has just come out with version 2.1 of its T-Splines for Rhino plug-in toolset that enables manufacturers to create free-form organic shapes. Anybody tasked with surfacing—well, OK, wise guys, not macadamizers nor intonacatori—should download the evaluation unit and give T-Splines a look because it might save you hours of time and let you be more creative. The company also makes a version for Maya.

"The point with T-Splines is that it’s not NURBS, but it’s both similar to and import-export compatible with NURBS. The benefit is that T-Splines lets you work with shapes as if they were fungible, similar to what animators do, only optimized for CAD, manufacturing, and industrial design. It lets you model complex shapes with a single smooth watertight surface that, depending upon your process, is ready for analysis and manufacturing."

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