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T-Splines returns to SIGGRAPH for the 5th time with a milestone product release and record revenue growth

New Orleans, LA - Aug 3, 2009

T-Splines, Inc. a leading provider of advanced 3d modeling software in styling, industrial design, CAD, CAE and entertainment, is exhibiting at SIGGRAPH 2009 after its most significant product release ever and record revenue growth.

T-Splines 2.0 for Rhino was released in May 2009 with an extensive list of new features to help designers create smooth organic shapes, edit them quickly and easily, and export for manufacturing without remodeling. Highlights of the 2.0 release include

  • Box modeling tools. There are many new ways to add detail to a T-spline, including subdivide face, insert edge, delete face, weld points, extrude edge, fill hole, merging and many more.
  • Simpler surfaces. T-Splines now allows triangle and other n-sided (pentagon, hexagon, etc.) faces in the model.
  • Symmetry. Work on either part of your symmetric model and see the other side update in real time! Supports axial and radial symmetry.
  • Thicken. Turn your T-spline surface into a solid with the push of a button using the Thicken command.
  • New grips. In addition to standard control points, T-spline models can now be directly edited using face grips, edge grips, and tangency handles.
  • Hotkeys. T-Splines brings the Rhino experience to a whole new level with the introduction of hotkeys, which can be assigned to both T-Splines and Rhino commands. With one hand navigating with the mouse and the other hand calling commands through hotkeys, design time speeds up significantly.
  • Smooth mode/mesh mode toggle. T-spline surfaces can now be displayed both as a boxy mesh and a smooth surface for easy and quick editing.
  • High fidelity surfaces. T-Splines' new, smoother star points are the best of any software in its class. They yield surfaces that are more aesthetically pleasing, easier to offset (they are G1 smooth), and convert to NURBS patches without sliver surfaces.
  • Full integration with Rhino. The T-Splines plugin is fully integrated with Rhino and provides a seamless user interaction between Rhino and T-Splines commands.
  • 100 % NURBS Compatible. All T-spline surfaces can be exported without loss of quality to manufacturable NURBS surfaces.

The new release has seen rapid adoption across architecture, jewelry, marine and consumer product design by leading companies. One customer, King DoubleBass President Jason Burns, explained that “T-Splines has allowed me to create and design my musical instruments much easier and faster. I can now create several variations on my design in an hour. This same process used to take days before I started using T-Splines.”

Since the release of T-Splines 2.0 for Rhino, T-Splines has also seen its revenue multiply. “T-Splines is now sold by over 50 resellers worldwide, greatly expanding our market reach. Our growth has been fueled in these difficult economic times by more companies using our affordable software to create differentiating, organic designs," stated Matt Sederberg, CEO of T-Splines.

If you are at SIGGRAPH this year, stop by the T-Splines booth 2028 to learn more about the next generation of surface modeling. Any visitor can register to win a free T-Splines license. Or visit www.tsplines.com for case studies, tutorials, demos and more.


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