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Provo, Utah - March 12, 2009

T-Splines, Inc., creators of precise and flexible 3D surface modeling tools with full industry standard compatibility, today announced the beta release of T-Splines 2.0 for Rhino, available for free download.

The 2.0 version adds several new tools and workflows to generate free-form surfaces and brings a full suite of polygonal modeling techniques into Rhino. T-Splines can be used to create an entire model, or they can be used to add organic components to Rhino models. T-Splines gives Rhino users a way of exploring shapes easily and quickly in an intuitive way, and helps designers shorten the time between imagination and building 3D models. A video overview of the new product can be found at Vimeo.

Key Features

T-Splines office chair
  • Enhanced surface editing. The move, rotate, and scale manipulators feature exact numerical input, a clickable heads-up display, and other improvements.
  • New grips. In addition to standard control points, T-spline models can now be directly edited using face grips, edge grips, points on the surface, and tangency handles.
  • Hotkeys. T-Splines brings the Rhino experience to a whole new level with the introduction of hotkeys, which can be assigned to both T-Splines and Rhino commands. With one hand navigating with the mouse and the other hand calling commands through hotkeys, design time speeds up significantly.
  • Simpler surfaces. T-Splines now allows triangle and other n-gon (pentagon, hexagon, etc.) faces in the model.
  • Box modeling tools. There are many new ways to add detail to a T-spline, including subdivide face, insert edge, delete face, weld points, extrude edge, fill hole, merging and many more.
  • Smooth mode/mesh mode toggle. T-Spline surfaces can now be displayed both as a coarse mesh and a smooth surface for easy and quick editing.
  • Primitives. It's easy to start molding your T-splines models from T-spline box, plane, sphere, torus, cone, and cylinder primitives.
  • Symmetry. Work on either part of your symmetric model and see the other side update in real time! Supports axial and radial symmetry.
  • Thicken. Turn your T-spline into a solid with the push of a button using the Thicken command.
  • Higher fidelity surfaces. The new, smoother star points are the best of any software in its class. They yield surfaces that are more aesthetically pleasing, easier to offset (they are G1 smooth), and convert to fewer NURBS patches.

“This is the most comprehensive release in T-Splines' history,” said Matt Sederberg, CEO of T-Splines. “For the first time ever, a full suite of box modeling tools are available fully integrated within Rhino and fully compatible with NURBS surfacing. Designers can now directly create and edit surfaces faster and quicker than ever before, with full confidence that the end result will be a smooth, gap-free manufacturable model.”

“With T-Splines, I have been able to create designs and shapes that would not have been possible with any other tool,” said Dave Schultze of SchultzeWORKS Industrial Design Studio. “It is extremely easy to learn, and the interface and functionality are very intuitive and well-integrated with Rhino.”

Download a free trial at www.tsplines.com, or purchase T-Splines 2.0 today for the introductory price of $549.-. Existing users can purchase an upgrade for only $99 during the launch promotion. (Customers who purchase T-Splines 2.0 during the beta period will receive a license of both the T-Splines 1.4 production version and the 2.0 beta version unitl the 2.0 production release is available.)

About T-Splines

T-Splines, Inc. develops surface modeling software with optimal control and full industry standard compatibility for industrial designers and CAD professionals. Founded in 2004 and based in Provo, Utah, the company develops and markets end-user plug-ins and software development libraries based on its next-generation, NURBS-compatible technology.


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