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Blackpool’s Grand Theatre has been the centrepiece of Blackpool’s Art District since 1894. And today the 1,100-seat Victorian auditorium continues to function as the town’s community theatre, Lancashire’s preferred opera house and Britain’s National Theatre of Variety.

The Grand Theatre in Blackpool, UK, required 1,100 new Victorian-style seats for its restoration. JEZET-Seating was approached in 2002 to supply the new seating for the theatre, but the company found there was no suitable period seat commercially available. Restoring the structure to its former glory involved some unusual challenges – one of which was replacing the seats. Jezet-Seating was contracted to the task, but could not find auditorium seats in the commercial market that matched the Grand Theatre’s distinctive turn-of-the-century opulence.

The solution for the thousand-chair order involved the commission of Belgian furniture craftsman Peter Donders, who was not only familiar with traditional methods of chair-making, but was also savvy in the computerised art of 3D industrial design. To make new chairs look convincingly antique, Donders uses a 3D method for product development called T-Splines for Rhino.


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