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T-Splines walkthrough in HDRI3D Print E-mail
April 10, 2006 — T-Splines is a new NURBS-like surface type that opens up new frontiers in modeling by allowing you to add local detail without changing the surface. T-Splines also allows you to merge NURBS patches together to create truly seamless models. Learn how to create a face in T-Splines and use T-Splines in your workflow.  — Read more...
T-Splines: breathing new life into NURBS Print E-mail
Highend 3D
March 3, 2006 — I enjoy reading the forums at highend3d and other sites to see what the current buzz is about. I am particularly interested in discussions that debate the relative merits of NURBS and subds. From the standpoint of our company, we hope that these debates will eventually die down because T-Splines will predominate.  — Read more...
Review of Maya Plugin by artist Sergio Rosa Print E-mail
February 20, 2006 — These last years we've witnessed some incredibly amazing advances when it comes to modeling techniques. We not only have those great modeling programs that offer an extremely wide range of tools that make your life easier, but we also have apps like zBrush that allow to sculpt directly with the mouse, or even more advanced systems such as SensAble which supposedly let you model as if you were actually working with clay.  — Read more...
T-Splines at 3December in Salt Lake City Print E-mail
T-Splines is pleased to announce its participation in Alias's 3December event in Salt Lake City, Utah on Friday, December 2, at 6 p.m.. Come see a live demo of our Maya plugin and catch us for some Q&A afterwards
Maya Plugin 1.1 reviewed in VFXworld.com Print E-mail
October 26, 2005 — T-Splines is a new modeling plug-in for that allows users to go beyond basic NURBS modeling. Taking the wish lists of many modelers into account, T-Splines LLC (yep, they like their product so much they named the company after it) has created a method of modeling with the precision of NURBS while adding much more speed and freedom.  — Read more...
T-Splines Maya plugin released Print E-mail
T-Splines Maya Plugin 1.0 provides greater control, less tedium, and more efficient modeling for animation, industrial design and bioengineering.
Conversation with Architosh editor, Anthony Frausto-Robledo Print E-mail
August 7, 2005 — A company Architosh just discovered at the show is T-Splines. Architosh editor, Anthony Frausto-Robledo, spoke with Matthew Sederberg CEO, about what T-Splines is. "T-Splines is a Maya plugin that greatly increases Maya's modeling capabilities," said Sederberg. "And we are big time Mac guys," he added.  — Read more...
T-Splines introduced to CG Society Print E-mail
August 18, 2005 — T-Splines are a new surface formulation initially introduced in the Siggraph papers sessions in 2003 and 2004. T-Splines are a superset of NURBS and SubDs, and can convert losslessly from either, as well as polymeshes. T-Splines also allow T-Junctions, which allow you to terminate isoparms/edgeloops in a T, without creating 'n-gons'. That is, the surface still shades and deforms like a quad, without needing extra geometry.  — Read more...
Siggraph 2005 Print E-mail
T-Splines is pleased to announce its appearance at SIGGRAPH in the Los Angeles Convention Center booth 2153, August 2–4, 2005. "SIGGRAPH 2005 is the ideal venue to introduce the T-Splines Maya Plugin to the 3d modeling community through live demos and interaction.
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