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Here are just a few items created with T-Splines software. If you have something that you have created using T-Splines, feel free to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it it to us for inclusion in the gallery.

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Matthias Pfoetscher- Dancers pendant :: 1st place jewelry.
I made this dancers pendant as a tribute to one of my favourite painters Liliana Rago. I once had the luck to find an exhibition of her work on the island of Corse and I got hooked to her art ever since. 
Brian Hamilton - Chelonia ring :: 2nd place jewelry.
The concept of the Chelonia Ring is inspired by the intricate morphology of the internal structure of turtle shells.   
Dmitry Leontyev - A ring ::  
Travis Serio - Family history ring :: 1st place overall model in the T-Splines 2010 modeling contest. 
I sat down and decided to model a family crest ring for my grandfather, something I have always wanted to do but never found the time or really wanted to tackle because of the time. I approached the design completely in T-Splines knowing that it would be perfect tool for the job, and man was it. Michael Magee - Ring :: Best jewelry model in the T-Splines 2010 modeling contest.
This ring was inspired by the Art Nouveau style which commonly incorporated natural themes in unnatural ways. Layers of ancient symbolism merge as the ginkgo leaves intertwine and transform into the ribs and ridges of bat wings, which support centered twin bees. Roland Auer - Butterfly Jewelry :: Honorable mention in the T-Splines 2010 modeling contest.
To me, T-Splines was the missing link in using Rhino for creating organic pieces. Jak Figler - Cardinal Ring :: Honorable mention in the T-Splines 2010 modeling contest.
One of the highlights of this software is that it gives the user the ability to model in a totally organic process and hone those items down to the tightest of manufacturing tolerances. Evert van Engelenhoven - Diamond Ring :: Entry in the T-Splines 2010 modeling contest. Greg Stopka at JewelSmiths - Waterfall Ring :: Entry in the T-Splines 2010 modeling contest. Saskia Dattner :: This “hand print” ring is from the Goldfinger collection designed for SCHMUCKWELTEN Pforzheim Aurelio Perugini :: A tutorial showing how to create this ring appeared in the Italian magazine, Computer Grafica tecniche e applicazioni, n° 73 and 72. This ring was also prototyped and cast into metal (right). www.anterem.it Rehan Sheikh - Colosseum ring :: Best manufactured project.
When it comes about architecture, I could only think of Greco Roman architecture especially Colosseum of Rome was stuck very hard into the back of my mind that I could never scratch it out of..  
Joaquin Laborda :: Exploring soft shapes concepts, I started with sketching, and T-Splines let me achieve the exact form without sacrifying the original idea. www.trumdesign.com.ar Miguel Calvo :: Lee Yun-wen :: Juan Santocono :: I used T-Splines to create this earring because T-Splines made it a snap to smoothly extrude the sun rays out from the center. This design was later manufactured with a Roland rapid prototyping machine. Juan Santocono :: Jari Devad :: One of my first models made using Tsplines. I created some flames and used the flow along curve command in Rhino. www.designbyjari.com Evert van Engelenhoven :: Ricardo Amaral :: T-Splines did an excellent job at keeping the surface as simple as possible while I was modeling my organic ring design. By using T-Splines’ powerful set of tools, the project yielded the fewest possible control points, keeping the geometry easy to read and edit. T-Splines fills the need for free form modeling tools in Rhino. http://www.modellistica.com.br/ Greg Stopka at JewelSmiths - Breeze Ring :: Entry in the T-Splines 2010 modeling contest. Clayton Stewart - Essence of India ::  
Shinya Takahashi - Art Nouveau style mounting ::  
Vladimir Shcherbakov - Galaxy ring ::  
Clayton Stewart - Amber tree ::  
Shinya Takahashi - Wrap style engagement ring ::  
Saskia Dattner - Four elements pendant ::  
Yoshitaka Saito - Pair ring ::  
John Krikawa - Love's bouquet ::  
Saskia Dattner - Fire & ice pendant ::

Consumer products

Mithun Darji :: Brian Hamilton - Arachnepack :: 2nd place overall model in the T-Splines 2010 modeling contest.
This design is inspired by the tale of Arachne from Greek mythology. Fabio Rios and Ruben Garcia - Concept Glasses :: Entry in the T-Splines 2010 modeling contest. Visa Vartianinen - Tree of Light :: Entry in the T-Splines 2010 modeling contest. Bathsheba Grossman :: Joaquin Laborda :: This product was featured in a case study, and the details can be seen here:
http://www.tsplines.com/pdf/T-Splines-TrumDesign.pdf Oomy gift products :: Juan Santocono :: Cafer :: Juan Santocono :: Jari Devad :: T-Splines just makes it so easy to explore different shapes and designs. I made this entirely using T-Splines, a simple cage model and then point editing. I think T-Splines is a very creative tool and a perfect complement to Rhino. www.designbyjari.com Juan Santocono :: Juan Santocono :: Joaquin Laborda :: Part of shoe sole. In this model, T-Splines let me reach the global shape as fast as in any Sub-D modeler, then with the complement of Rhino's UDT tools I could complete the model with all the details I needed. www.trumdesign.com.ar Brian James :: http://en.wiki.mcneel.com/default.aspx/McNeel/BrianJames.html Matteo Pini :: The lobster explores the potentiality of rapid prototyping for serial production. The project started at the end of 2004; back then I wasn't using T-Splines yet. With Rhinoceros I found it hard to draw the organic Y biforcation of some pieces. With T-Splines I can easely do great shapes, converting them in Nurbs, adding some technical details with Rhino, and then export the whole as .stl files. 
www.dafneelise.net Juan Santocono :: Juan Santocono :: Juan Santocono :: Cafer :: Bjorn Syse :: Soap dish produced in limited series out of three materials: Wood, concrete and cast aluminium. CNC-milling of the production tools was made straight from the T-Splines surface. http://www.syse.se/ Juan Santocono :: Juan Santocono ::


Vladimir Shcherbakov - Officer :: Honorable mention in the T-Splines 2010 modeling contest.
Modeling was carried out in Rhinoceros 4.0 and T - Splines 1.1. This model was transferred to Pro/ENGINEER for mold design. David Armstrong - Seahorse :: Entry in the T-Splines 2010 modeling contest. Cyprian Chorociej - Astronaut :: Entry in the T-Splines 2010 modeling contest. Jame Barajas - Enlightened One :: Entry in the T-Splines 2010 modeling contest. wen4877 :: Juan Santocono :: Michaella Janse van Vuuren ::  I used Rhino, Zbrush, Wings and T-splines to make the Birdman. I used T-splines to make the more
complex organic shapes that connects the rotating arm shaft to the body. This would have been very difficult to do in any other program. I also used T-Splines to shell the head and body using the thicken and then subtract in Rhino. I find this command very useful for rapid prototyping, where different machines, and processes have their own minimum print tolerances. www.nomili.co.za Cafer :: Cafer :: Juan Santocono :: Peggy Croft :: This dog was done with T-Splines v1. I had tried to do this dog before in NURBS, and the difference in speed by doing it in T-Splines was incredible. Juan Santocono :: Target Gift Card Promo Wind-Up Dog :: This character model is the Target store mascot 'Bullseye' and was designed to be a 'value add' promo for a new gift card initiative. T-Splines enabled SchultzeWORKS to model what appeared intially to be a simple form, but became very challenging when attempting to accurately model a well-known character -- and incorporate an internal wind-up mechanism used to animate the toy. http://www.schultzeworks.com/ Juan Santocono :: Chris Baker :: Miguel Gassó and Juan Santocono :: Fernando Rentas :: http://www.asgvis.com Lee Yun-wen :: Lee Yun-wen ::

Automotive, Aerospace, Marine

Tommi Laiho :: I used many software to make it but all highly complex geometry is done with t-splines, like car body and seats. My reasons for using T-Splines: 1. T-Splines is a very fast system. It is possible to achieve a class A surface with minimal efforts. 2. Polygons can be used for modeling, converted to T-Splines, and later trimmed after they are converted to B-Splines. 3. T-Splines is a very stable system and it always works unless there are modeling errors in polygons like non-manifolds. 4. I couldn't ever create a car with high quality surfaces this quickly with other methods. Jody Culbert - Santana Cat Sub :: Best marine model in the T-Splines 2010 modeling contest.
This design utilized the benefits and advantages of T-splines for nicely faired hulls in marine design. Cem Donmez - Catamaran :: Entry in the T-Splines 2010 modeling contest. Lee Yun Wen - High Speed Rail :: Entry in the T-Splines 2010 modeling contest. Tommi Laiho :: This Audi a6 the winner of the T-Splines Vehicular Modeling Challenge 2009  Jamie Barajas :: 2nd  place with his retro Camaro TA in the T-Splines Vehicular Modeling Challenge 2009  futureproof :: Submission in the T-Splines Vehicular Modeling Challenge 2009 SDS :: Dosch Design / converted by Juan Santocono :: Juan Santocono :: Tibor Toth :: Juan Santocono :: Juan Santocono :: T-Splines marine superstructure design :: T-Splines waverunner :: T-Splines rotomolded kayak :: The entire kayak body is a single, watertight T-spline surface T-Splines hull :: Javier Sanchez - F1 Car :: Best vehicle in the T-Splines 2010 modeling contest.
The design consists of morphological axtracción a flying dinosaur called Quetzalcoatlus, by its aerodynamics, organic forms and power, the popes are chosen because of aerodynamics and a single skin tone and texture of these birds makes a powerful and compact set as are the formula 1 as these are now more powerful and faster cars in the world and want to make a similarity in time and communicating as a concept aggressiveness, speed, aerodynamics, power and organic life causing the machine to life and dare personality of its form, 'The Formula 1 is a living being'


Mahsa Adib - Wellness center :: 3rd place overall model in the T-Splines 2010 modeling contest.
I was working on a “different look at Structure in Architecture” in spring-2010 studio project at Columbia University. It was an experimental studio to explore if structure can be created to mold the volume and space rather than its mere load bearing obligation. I started off with Rhino to face this challenge. There were 2 issues in using Rhino:
-The models were rigid. I was not able to modify the model as soon as it had been created. It was time consuming to start all over again to enhance the original idea.
-The other limitation was to create a complex model as a single and fluid surface. Rhino forced me to break it into many individuals piece.
So I started off modeling back and forth between Rhino and Tspline. It helped me to benefit from preciseness of rhino, at the same time Tspline’s power in creating organic and complex shapes. Nicholas Channon - Cultural Building :: Best architecture model in the T-Splines 2010 modeling contest.
Design for an Opera House on Nodeul Island, in Seoul, South Korea. Whilst studying for my Diploma in Architecture which I undertook at the Univesity of Westminster I used t-splines extensively within my design studio as a method of producing organic and smooth architectural forms which could be developed quickly and adapted as the project progressed. Art Rich - Sanctuary :: Honorable mention in the T-Splines 2010 modeling contest.
This project was inspired by the sacred tree of Ora which is from the Banyan Tree Family in French Polynesia. The organic shaped structure on the cliff was difficult to make on the software that was available to me, so I decided to try working with T-Splines. Steven Beites - Biomimicry Building :: Entry in the T-Splines 2010 modeling contest. Yashin Kemal - Beijing Bus Terminal :: Entry in the T-Splines 2010 modeling contest. Juan Santocono :: This render was based on a design created in Grasshopper by Fredrik Wenstop  Juan Santocono :: HOK :: Juan Santocono :: Juan Santocono ::


Matúš Nedecký :: Eames Lounge chair Peter Donders - T-Chair :: Best consumer products model in the T-Splines 2010 modeling contest.
T-Chair (T = Ten pieces / T-splines) An organic chair production-ready for 5-axis CNC milling. Rendy Himawan - Diavolo Chair :: Honorable mention in the T-Splines 2010 modeling contest.
In this design I wanted to say that we all have something bad in some way. So, we deserve to sit in this “devil chair,” regardless what job we have. Politicians, lawyers, designers, architects, we are a devil in some way. Amir Masoud Faridizad - Jenagh Chair :: Entry in the T-Splines 2010 modeling contest. Jennifer Shapiro :: Cesare Monti :: Cesare Monti :: Haldene Martin :: Inspired by smooth, water worn pebbles, the sculptural form of the Baba Papa lounger has been ergonomically shaped to enable one to recline in a variety of comfortable positions. The lightweight structure is made from 60% recycled stainless steel wire loops welded together to create an organically contoured diamond meshed surface. As stainless steel is rustproof, Baba Papa can be used in and outdoors. A removable upholstered seat is also available for increased comfort. Joaquin Laborda :: Backgroud images of the design helped me trace the shape with ease. Having the ability to edit the organic forms directly, with dramatic changes, was one of the key areas where T-Splines was indispensable. www.trumdesign.com.ar Peter Donders :: http://www.peterdonders.com


Lee Yun-wen :: Juan Santocono :: Daniel Segraves - Tetra-Kai-Decahedra Network Morphology :: Best T-Splines + Grasshopper in the T-Splines 2010 modeling contest.
This work emerges from a long running investigation into the structure of Radiolaria- the protozoic zooplankton known for their intricate siliceous skeletons. Rodrigo Medina :: Created with T-Splines + Grasshopper Bathsheba Grossman :: Bathsheba Grossman ::  For this fantasy creature, T-Splines was the perfect tool to give the smooth shelly part the organic look I wanted.  This model is now being 3D-printed on demand at Shapeways. http://bathsheba.com Jonah Barnett :: Guiseppe Massoni :: Fernando Rentas ::  http://www.asgvis.com Juan Santocono ::