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Rieragasso brings organic jewelry designs to life with T-Splines

The customer

RieraGassó is a company dedicated to craftsmanship in precious metals and industrial design by creating, producing and distributing unique jewelry pieces.


“With T-Splines, I can model complex, organic shapes and designs that are far too difficult to create with Rhino alone. With the powerful surfacing and box modeling tools in T-Splines I can realize my designs exactly as I envision them.”
- Miguel Gasso, Goldsmith and Industrial Designer

Case Study

The challenge

Miguel Gasso has been designing and creating unique jewelry pieces for his company Rieragasso since 1999. For most of the complex designs, in the past he had worked exclusively by hand. Working in a CAD application with only NURBS was just too time consuming and tedious. A ring such as the design on the left created many hundreds of tiny NURBS surfaces, which are almost impossible to manipulate.

The solution

Rieragasso Elements Water Ring Miguel was an early adopter of T-Splines, and with the introduction of version 2 and box modeling capabilities, he successfully adopted seamless T-Splines surfaces for his complex projects.

His water ring design, shown here in the rendering on the left, started as hand sketches, which were used as a background to start the modeling in Rhino and T-Splines. Miguel leveraged the box modeling capabilities provided by T-Splines to build the basic shape of the ring. By using only four-sided polygons during the process, he was able to ensure that the model could be easily exported to other tools, such as Mudbox. After the final surface texturing was completed in Mudbox, the model was brought back to Rhino and prepared for the 3D printing process.

The push-pull approach to modeling available in T-Splines is far more natural to Miguel as a jewelry designer used to working by hand, and he is now completing projects with T-Splines that he would have never attempted in CAD before.

He is more quickly making changes and exploring variants, as he has done by creating an entire series of “elements rings” with T-Splines (including a leaf ring, fire ring, and others in addition to the water ring featured here).

Future Direction

Miguel is looking forward to working on more future projects with T-Splines.

Learn more

Learn more

To learn more about how Rieragasso completed its project with the help of T-Splines, you can download the full case study here or on our case studies home page.

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