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Matrix 7 is now released, and it includes a full version of T-Splines optimized for jewelers. Developed by Gemvision, Matrix runs on the Rhino kernel, so you’ll be able to open files you’ve made in T-Splines for Rhino, in Matrix … Continue reading

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When we organized our 2011 organic modeling contest, a big motivation we had was to expose T-Splines designers to top 3D printing companies, and to give them a chance to see their design go from concept to physical product. We’ve … Continue reading

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Shape to Fabrication is perhaps the largest annual architecture event in the Rhino community. This year it will be held on Nov 18-19. Hosted by Paul Cowell at Simply Rhino in the UK, this event attracts top talent from both … Continue reading

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About six months ago, Australian jeweler Chris Botha started playing with T-Splines for Rhino and posting his results in the T-Splines forum. His gallery thread has turned into the most prolific on our forum, with 161 posts and over 12000 … Continue reading

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A prescient blog post about T-Splines by Carl Cepress at the Chicago Product Design blog: “T-Splines will change the PD process. Learn the software now, or your competitors will, making your CAD skills obsolete.” Read entire post.

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There were many excellent entries to the T-Splines 2011 Design Contest that we have not yet been able to highlight. Some of our favorites came from Clayton Stewart from Dempseys Jewelers. Here are Clayton’s comments about his piece, “Essence of … Continue reading

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Peter Donders‘ style is unmistakable. Half furniture, half sculpture, his creations are, frankly, ideally suited for T-Splines. This was a piece he submitted to the recent T-Splines 2011 Design Contest. It didn’t win, partly from skepticism about whether it could … Continue reading

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We’ve switched from Blogger to WordPress. We actually paid $69 for WordPress for Joomla! so that we could integrate the blog better into the rest of our website (which is powered by Joomla!). It looks like all the content migrated … Continue reading

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