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How to approach modeling with T-Splines: free webinar on May 7

Register now for this free webinar on Tuesday May 7, 10 AM Pacific.

Are you a fan of “Car Talk” on National Public Radio? In this popular radio show, “Click and Clack” demystify the complex challenges of everyday people trying to understand their cars.

In the spirit of this radio show, we offer “T-Splines talk.” T-Splines gurus Kyle Houchens and Sky Greenawalt (aka “Click and Crash”) will demystify the challenges of ordinary designers trying to understand T-Splines.

T-Splines offers designers the chance to make and edit beautiful aesthetic shapes easier than in NURBS, but we’ve found that designers well-versed in NURBS often have questions about how to best approach modeling with T-Splines.

In this webinar, Kyle and Sky will review user-submitted design images and walk through the process of drawing out a T-Splines-suitable topology on the images. This process of thinking through the topology layout (ie, how the faces and edges hook together) before beginning your model is a key practice that will greatly improve the quality of your models. Then, they will take one of the designs forward and actually create a 3D T-Splines model out of it.

Beginning and intermediate T-Splines users will benefit from seeing the thought process of Kyle and Sky as they approach creating these models in T-Splines.

Do you have a design you’d like some pointers on? Post it on our forum. We’ll try to pick 5-6 to use in the webinar, then get through as many as we can. If you have an interesting backstory to the design, your life, or your question, include that as well and we might read it on air!

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