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T-Splines prints from 3D Systems

A huge box containing the winning T-Splines Organic Modeling Contest models from 3D Systems arrived this week.

For me, it never gets old seeing a 3D model go from the computer to a physical prototype.

These were printed with DuraForm PA Plastic on an sPro SLS 3D printer. 3D Pro Parts, a subsidiary of 3D Systems, actually did the printing for us. They offer a good explanation about what actually happens when a 3D print is made using their SLS technology.

The winning transit model was this electric sailplane by Joseph Culbert. Here’s the render, and some photos of the 3d printed part. This print was so large that Jody designed it so that it could be assembled. Note that there was enough detail to print each of the pilot’s fingers.

Consumer products
The winning consumer products model was the Blackberry Peer by Felix Lorsignol. Again, here’s a render, as well as some photos of the printed part. Each of the parts fit nicely together in the assembly.

Beautiful models, and gorgeous prints. Thanks again to 3D Systems and 3D Pro Parts to providing this to the winners.

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