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Webinar: footwear design with T-Splines 3.3 for Rhino

T-Splines 3.3 for Rhino (currently in beta) contains new tools for reverse engineering that have a broad application across many industries.

In a free webinar on December 7, T-Splines user Kevin Pasko will show how T-Splines 3.3 for Rhino enhances the footwear modeling process.

T-Splines CAD assets can be easily reused and reshaped for different variations, and the unique push-pull T-Splines modeling approach enhances creativity.

Kevin will show how T-Splines can be used to create editable, digital lasts. He will also demonstrate the creation of the mid-sole and out-sole of an athletic shoe with T-Splines.

T-Splines models are unique in that the each part is watertight, unified surface that can be easily pushed and pulled to get different variations. T-Splines models convert to NURBS or meshes for downstream compatibility.

Though this webinar will be focused on the footwear industry, the design principles Kevin will use are general and applicable to many industries.

Register for the webinar now.

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