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T-Splines car webinar: take two!

Updated T-Splines car webinar series schedule

New date! Part 1: Sept. 7. Roughing out the shape of the body. Register.
Part 2: Sept. 8. Adding wheel wells and bumpers, getting an accurate model. Register.
Part 3: Sept. 13. Final details, spoilers, mirrors, vents, etc. Register.


Yesterday’s webinar on using T-Splines for car design, part one of our three-part series, was a hit.

This was our first webinar from the insulated recording room in our new offices in Provo, UT and the sound was better than ever. Demo jock Kyle Houchens was firing on all cylinders, making a pretty car body from scratch in under an hour, broadcasting from his home office in Oakdale, CA. There was a nice back-channel discussion going on with the audience over chat. We even remembered to hit the important “Record Webinar” button at the start of the broadcast.

But then, when it was time to process the video, we discovered that only the top left corner of the screen had been recorded during the broadcast!

What a strange bug, really the only hiccup we’ve had in using GoToWebinar over a few years. After hours on the line with their customer support, they couldn’t diagnose what went wrong, nor miraculously make the rest of the recording appear. We were out of luck. No usable recording of the webinar.

The silver lining out of all of this is that if you missed part one of our three part webinar series about how to model a car with T-Splines, you can register to attend a live reenactment of the webinar on Wednesday, September 7. Part two will be broadcast the next day on September 8.

Does life get better than two free T-Splines webinars in two days? I think not.

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