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T-Splines 2011 design contest winners

Thanks to all who participated in the T-Splines 2011 design contest, Make the World a Better Place.

This was an fun contest for us to put on. Over 250 designers registered to get access to special free trials of top Rhino plugins during the contest. A big part of the contest for us was to show that T-Splines models are ideal for manufacturing, and 3D printing companies Z Corp, envisionTEC, and 3D Systems gave away quality 3D prints of the top models. Other great prizes were provided by 3Dconnexion, Chaos Group, DS SolidWorks, Evolute, Luxion, and McNeel, for over $15,000 total in prizes.

In the end we received over 80 quality entries in our five categories: consumer products, jewelry, architecture, transit, and miscellaneous.

Winners were selected by our panel of outside judges. They reviewed all submissions blindly, with the identity of the designer obscured. There were many worthy entries, so I was glad that I was not the one crowning the winners. Many of the models had gorgeous aesthetics, and it was tempting to make a long list of honorable mentions so we could showcase these as T-Splines models. Instead, we’ll be sharing some of these in the near future on our blog.

Here are the winning entries. Click on the name of the designer to read more information about their submission.

Consumer products
1st place: Felix Lorsignol, Montreal, Canada

1st place: Matthias Pfoetscher, Tirol, Austria

1st place: Joseph Culbert, Orange Beach, USA

1st place: Cesare Monti, Torino, Italy

1st place: Fernando Montalvo, Córdoba, Argentina

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