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New T-Splines premium services

We are being increasingly asked to make models for designers or firms. They love the organic look of T-Splines, but are either in a time crunch, or don’t want to invest in learning T-Splines until they see proof that it will work for them.

So, we decided to officially launch T-Splines premium services.

Our experienced team of licensed designers can leverage the unique power of T-Splines to quickly make a high-quality model of your design.

Rush job? No problem; with the patented power of T-Splines and our top design talent, we can probably meet your deadline.

Carefully deciding whether you want to use T-Splines yourself? We can help by providing video tutorials or step-by-step .3dm files showing how we created your model.

Sample deliverables
Final models in T-Splines, Rhino, SolidWorks, or PRO/E
Video tutorials showing how the model was made
.3dm files with steps saved out to show how the model was made
Final renders

Sample projects
Creating new designs: we can help you set up a T-Spline model that you can easily tweak to explore design iterations
Rebuilding old CAD models and making them more organic with T-Splines.
Converting obj files to NURBS or T-Splines
Creating NURBS surfaces or T-Splines surfaces from an .stl mesh

Call 877-801-8411 (toll free), 801-841-1234, or email services@tsplines.com for your free estimate and consultation.

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