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T-Splines for Consumer Products
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Easily create unique, distinctive designs with T-Splines.


T-Splines gives designers creative freedom that is absent in other CAD tools.

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New features

All T-Splines features are focused on making it easier for you to make freeform, organic shapes.

See new features in Autodesk T-Splines Plug-in for Rhino

Juan Santocono :: Oomy gift products :: Bathsheba Grossman :: Matteo Pini :: The lobster explores the potentiality of rapid prototyping for serial production. The project started at the end of 2004; back then I wasn't using T-Splines yet. With Rhinoceros I found it hard to draw the organic Y biforcation of some pieces. With T-Splines I can easely do great shapes, converting them in Nurbs, adding some technical details with Rhino, and then export the whole as .stl files. Bjorn Syse :: Soap dish produced in limited series out of three materials: Wood, concrete and cast aluminium. CNC-milling of the production tools was made straight from the T-Splines surface. http://www.syse.se/ Juan Santocono :: Peter Donders - Batoidea plus footstool :: Kyle Houchens :: Juan Santocono ::


Take a look at some designs made with T-Splines software.

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How it works

VIDEO DEMO: See how T-Splines can help you create beautiful, original, and creative designs.