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T-Splines speeds up concept iteration, and T-Splines models are precise enough for production surfacing.


T-Splines lets you explore design concepts while maintaining curvature continuity across your entire model.

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Match T-Splines to NURBS curves or surfaces with up to curvature continuity and to within any tolerance.

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Production surfacing

This Reno Racer was modeled entirely with T-Splines; the airfoils were safely within the required 0.005” tolerance.

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Jamie Barajas :: Entry in the T-Splines Vehicular Modeling Challenge 2009  Tommi Laiho :: I used many software to make it but all highly complex geometry is done with T-Splines, like the car body and seats. My reasons for using T-Splines: 1. T-Splines is a very fast system. It is possible to achieve a class A surface with minimal efforts. 2. Polygons can be used for modeling, converted to T-Splines, and later trimmed after they are converted to B-Splines. 3. T-Splines is a very stable system and it always works unless there are modeling errors in polygons like non-manifolds. 4. I couldn't ever create a car with high quality surfaces this quickly with other methods. futureproof :: Entry in the T-Splines Vehicular Modeling Challenge 2009 Juan Santocono :: Tibor Toth :: Juan Santocono :: Juan Santocono ::


Take a look at some automotive and aerospace models made with T-Splines software.

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