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The complex challenges of aircraft design illustrate the revolutionary benefits of modeling with T-Splines


Schuyler 'Sky' Greenawalt is a designer and the owner of School Street Design Company, which specializes in custom and prototype tooling and production of composite structures for the homebuilt and experimental aircraft community.

"With T-Splines I get the accuracy where I need it, and smooth and fair surfaces everywhere else. It is, in a word, brilliant."
- Schuyler Greenawalt

White paper introduction

In this whitepaper, Schuyler Greenawalt reviews fundamental problems inherent in non-uniform rational B-splines (NURBS), the underlying technology used in nearly all commercial CAD programs. He then introduces the T-Splines technology and discusses how T-Splines addresses these shortcomings. Finally, Schuyler shares a case study of how he used T-Splines to accurately model an entire experimental aircraft and how the T-Splines model saved him 75% of his iterating time.


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Case Study


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Watch a recorded webinar where Sky discusses advanced T-Splines modeling techniques and shows how he was able to model his aircraft in T-Splines with an accuracy of under 0.005 inches.

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