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This is webinar recorded on 30 September 2011, using T-Splines 3 for Rhino.

T-Splines greatly simplifies organic modeling in Rhino and SolidWorks. However, if you're used to modeling with NURBS in Rhino or other CAD programs, it can take a different way of thinking to take full advantage of T-Splines, and learning a new way to do things can be daunting.

In that vein, we introduce the UNSCRIPTED DEMO webinar. In this webinar, Kyle Houchens will model an entire water gun in T-Splines for Rhino, starting from a sketch.

Since Kyle will not have modeled this before, he will make some mistakes during the webinar. The value of this webinar will come from seeing him talk through his strategy, including fixing his mistakes.

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Water Gun

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