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This three-part webinar was recorded in September 2011, using T-Splines 3.1 for Rhino 4.

Part one

Designer Kyle Houchens provides an overview of his process of modeling cars with T-Splines.

He then discusses and demos how to lay out the topology of the "base" model, rough out the shape of the body, build in the A and C pillars, and add front and rear bumpers to the model.

Part two

Kyle shows how to add details to the car body that he modeled in part one of the series.

Specifically, Kyle shows how to add wheel wells. He also shows "tips and tricks" to get an accurate model, and tweaks control points to prepare the model for final details.

Part three

Kyle adds final details to the car model, like spoilers, mirrors, vents, etc., and prepare the model for data transfer.

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